Nyhetsprosjektet Utsnitt 2012

Nyhetsprosjektet is a project done every year by the multimedia and journalist students at the University of Stavanger. We do live TV and radio broadcasts every day for three weeks and the students are responsible for everything. During these three weeks you can see our production every day at 17:00 here: www.nettavisaullandhaug.no

The productions are uploaded to Vimeo every day when we are done and you can have a look at them day by day from the links below:


Week # 9

Fredag 2. mars

Torsdag 1. mars

Onsdag 29. februar

Tirsdag 28. februar

Mandag 27. februar

Week # 8

Fredag 24. februar

Torsdag 23. februar

Onsdag 22. februar

Tirsdag 21. februar

Mandag 20. februar